(Note: these tours are for guests while staying at Country Haven)

Sail a Picturesque River

Main Southwest Miramichi

Sleepy river
Guests rise around 7 am to a full breakfast and leave the lodge at 8 am for any one of 7 guided canoe or kayaking adventures. Guided trips through some of the best salmon fishing pools in the world. You may fish or relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery as you float by. A fish may even jump alongside the boat as you glide through the many fishing pools. All necessary equipment is provided, as well as a lunch and refreshments along the way. A full course meal will be provided at the lodge upon your return.

Upper Miramichi Tour

Tour takes in the Salmon Museum and Doak House in Doaktown, covered bridge in Nelson Hollow, Woodsmen Museum in Boisetown and the Swinging Bridge over the Miramichi in McNamee. Enjoy lunch with "Bruce the Moose" while travelling the scenic road of Upper Miramichi.

Lower Miramichi Tour

Sheephouse falls
This tour takes you 20 miles down to Miramichi City, home of Canada's largest "Irish Festival". Visit Ritchie Wharf and take in a river boat cruise on the beautiful Miramichi. Enjoy lunch at one of the Wharf's restaurants and browse through gift shops. The tour will continue on to Sheephouse Falls to see a magnificant waterfall. On to Square Forks to watch the salmon jump the falls on their way upriver to spawn. Enjoy sights of forest and countryside on the way back to the Lodge.

Miramichi Bay Tour

This tour takes you past Miramichi City, through the farm land of Napan and down to Miramichi Bay. See miles of inlet coves and beaches, past Baie Ste-Anne, and have dinner in the fishing village of Escuminac. Enjoy fresh seafood as the fishermen land their catch and load it on the trucks bound for the markets in Boston and New Jersey. Drive through Pointe Sapin and beautiful Kouchibouguac National Park.

Acadian Tours

Acadian North and Whale Watching Tour

We leave at 8 am travelling past Miramichi City to the Acadian Penninsula of New Brunswick, passing through the french villages of Neguac and Tracadie with a splendid view of the Atlantic Ocean, arriving at the Acadian Historical Village in Caraquet, one of North American's most inspiring tales of survival. At this award winning living museum, go back in time to the 1755 expulsion of the Acadians and indulge in traditional Acadian cuisine.

The tour then proceeds to Caraquet wharf where we board the "Ile Caramer" or the "Sea of Adventure" tour for a whale watching tour while admiring the Acadian coastline and distinct Gaspé Mountains in the Bay of Chaleur. You will see marine life up close, such as seals, porpoises, a variety of sea birds and the mammoths of the deep - the whales. You may see a 65' Fin whale, or 25' Minke whale, or 48' Humpback whale - the proverbial "clown of the sea", possibly some dolphins surfacing near the boat, enticing you to grab for your camera.

Then it is off to the Pope Museum in Grand Anse, the only one of it's kind in the world. It features the history of the Catholic Church, portraits of all 264 Popes and a showcase dedicated to Pope John Paul II. We then make a stop at Pokeshaw Park where thousands of birds nest in the cliffs. We then wend our way back to the lodge, travelling through Bathurst.

Acadian Chaleur "Fish and Dine" Tour

This summer tour involves a scenic drive to the Bathurst area, a pleasant three hour boat tour on the beautiful Bay of Chaleur where you can relax, look for whales and other marine life, fish for mackerel or cod or just sit back and enjoy the idyllic tranquillity that seafarers often talk about!

You will then be transported to a gourmet restaurant where you will discover culinary treasures prepared in the continental fashion.

Acadian "Discover the North" Tour

This winter tour involves a scenic trip to the Bathurst area where you will be introduced to the world of Dogsledding where you will learn the history and techniques of the ancient art of being transported by "man's best friend". You will participate on a dogsledding adventure and following that, you will be transported to a seaside restaurant overlooking the majestic Bay of Chaleur where you will be treated to a memorable meal. Fare will range from Canadian delights to seafood masterpieces.

Acadian East Tour

Le Pays de la Segoiune

We leave the Lodge, travelling east to the fishing village of Richibucto, take the Acadian Coast Drive along the ocean to Bouctouche. Here we find the Island of "Le Pays de la Segoiune" where Acadians celebrate, and the "Island of Legends" Acadian music and theatre. Then on to McPhail's Lobster Haven for dinner. Following thie we visit the Irving Eco Centre and dunes with it's miles of boardwalk along the beaches.

Prince Edward Island Tour

Confederation Bridge

This tour along the Acadian Coastal Point past Kouchibouguac National Park through many little fishing villages, past the most popular beach in New Brunswick- Parlee Beach, making a stop in Cape Jouremain National Wildlife area where over 200 bird species have been observed. From here you can take excellent pictures of the Confederation Bridge. Then we cross the longest cold water ocean bridge in the world -it spans 13km ( 8 miles) of the wide Nothumberland Strait from NB to PEI. We make stops at Borden's Tourist Bureau and Summerside, for lunch and sightseeing.

Confederation Bridge, longest saltwater bridge
We then travel through Kensington-Burlington, rolling farmlands, stunning seascapes, tiny villages and red sandy beaches, reflecting the charismatic beauty of this enchanting island. We stop in Cavendish where we spend most of the afternoon visiting "Anne of Green Gables", touring gift shops and sightseeing. A stop at Orby Head and Cape Turner for a look at the splendid cliffs, ocean beach and birds,
Anne of Green Gables
driving by lighthouses and North Rustico. We continue on to Charlottetown through the hills at Bonshaw where you can see the Bridge 30 km away at Borden. We then cross back over the bridge to NB, through Cap Pelé and stop for supper at Frank's for one of the best sea food and lobster suppers in the world! Then its back to the lodge via the nature route through Rogersville.

Other Area Tours

Bay of Fundy Hopewell Rock Tour

This tour takes you through the mostly Acadian village of Rogersville, to Moncton - the hub of NB - and along the Peticodiac River to the Rocks at Hopewell Cape, one of the wonders of the world. Here you will discover the world's highest tides (as high as 15 meters (50 feet)) and the world's largest flower pots with spruce trees growing up on top. At low tide we will walk the ocean floor and explore the coves and see the rock formations towering as much as four stories high, and dine at the on-site restaurant.
Hopewell Rock
Then we visit the White Rocks , cliffs and lighthouse of Cape Enrage. Next its off to Mary's point where birdwatchers and naturalists from around the world gather from late July to early August each year, to see thousands of semipalmated sandpipers and other shorebirds. Then a stop in the fishing village of Alma where the largest lobster in the Maritimes is harvested. Now we start our journey through 206 square kilometers (80 sq. miles) of the Fundy National Park. Here you will have a panoramic view of the Bay, coastal cliffs and rolling forest hills over the Caledonia Mountains - 400m (1300 ft) tall. Encounters with wildlife are common. Some 238 bird species have been sighted in the park, of which only 100 breed here regularly. You can see deer, moose and other wildlife. We travel to Sussex, the covered bridge capital of Atlantic Canada, - rich in farm land and cattle - then to Chipman and its lumber mills and through miles of green forest, back to the Lodge.

Mount Carleton Park Tour

This tour is excellent for birdwatchers and to see the autumn leaves in their glory. We leave the lodge and travel 100 miles of scenic hills range to the Plaster Rock area., then travel up Bald Mountain 640 mand up to Mount Carleton 820 m. Mount
Mount Carleton Park
Carleton is the last tier of the famous continent wide Appalachian Mountain range. It is 820 meters high, the tallest peak in the Maritimes. At its summit, you would be eyeball-to-eyeball with someone on the top floor of the Empire State building as if it were sitting on top of the CN Tower. The Appalachian Mountains march from Alabama to Newfoundland and is the oldest mountain system on the continent. It has had lots of time to develop some colorful characteristics. There have been over 200 sightings of birds on this mountain. We then travel down the mountain to Bathurst and back to the Lodge through the City of Miramichi

Seal & Marine Life Watching Cruise

Le Claire-Fontaine

On this tour you board the "Claire-Fontaine", a luxury sightseeing cruiser, for a 2 hour ocean cruise where you will encounter playful Grey Seals, visit one of the largest Tern colonies in North America and provide an opportunity to see Ospreys, Bald Eagles and other waterfowl. This excursion with Kouchibouguac Cruises makes an ideal outing for the Pelagic Birdwatcher, Naturalist, family group or any individual(s) interested in Mother Nature and her marine creatures. Also, spending a few hours in the sun on a comfortable ocean cruise makes a fun outing for everyone - landlubbers & seafarers' alike.

Bird Watching Tours

animated goose

Birdwatching is popular here because New Brunswick has many birds and sightings start right on our 100 acres of property. At Country Haven we regularily see Bald Eagles, Blue Heron, Osprey and Cardinals - just to name a few. The Miramichi and surrounding areas are a haven for birds. The following are some of the tours offered;

(A) - A full day of birdwatching at Kouchibouguac with a bird watching cruise around Kouchibouguac Park.

(B) - A full day of birdwatching at Fundy National Park where some 238 bird species have been sighted, with a visit to Cape Enrage and Mary's Point where thousands of semipalmated sandpipers and other shore birds gather.

(C) - A full day of birdwatching at the Tabusintac River Estuary, one of the most productive wetlands in NB. It is located 86km (50 miles) from the Lodge. There are large flocks of migratory waterfowl, often in excess of 1000 individuals including American black ducks, Canada geese and Oldsquaw - the most delicate of sea ducks. The area supports 3700 Common Terns, Piping Plovers, a large Blue Heron colony, and Osprey - just to name a few.

(D) - A full day of bird watching at Mount Carleton National Park where over 200 species have been sighted.

Kouchibouguac National Park

Kouchibouquac Nat'l Park

We travel to Kouchibouguac National Park where you will view salt marsh lagoons, species of various birds and see more than 600 vascular plant species that grow here. We will take a 2 hour cruise with Captain Ferain Cormier and his guide on the luxurious Claire Fontaine for an adventurous ocean encounter with playful Grey Seals as they frolic in the water and bask on sun-warmed sand dunes. You will also encounter the second largest tern colony in North America and many other waterfowl. Learn about the history and culture of Kouchibouguac as well as the fishing trade in the month of August. For Birdwatchers, this park is home to thousands of ducks especially the greater scaup and red breasted merganser, shorebirds, the endangered piping plover, horned larks, and osprey - just to name a few. Lunch at the Boardwalk restaurant and enjoy a few miles of sandy beaches with the warmest salt water north of Virginia.

Mountain Biking & Hiking
We have hiking trails through our property to use at your leisure.

Miramichi's Irish Festival

General Info. on New Brunswick
For your information New Brunswick Population is 738,133
Area 73440 square km (28,354 sq. miles)

June 23´C 73´F
July 26´C 79´F
Aug 25´C 77´F
Sept 19´C 66´F


Yes, it's true - New Brunswick has the warmest salt water north of Virginia. High and Low temperatures recorded in July and August are shown below (Source: Environment Canada and the US National Oceanographic Data Centre)

- Kouchibouguac Public Beach. Kilometers of sandy beaches, lagoons, dunes and boardwalks. We can take you and drop you off at Kouchibouquac Public Beach for a day of fun in the sun and return at your requested time.
- We will take you and drop you off at the Neguac Public Beach and return at your requested time.
- We will take you to a private beach at Bay du Vin or Harwick and return to pick you up at your suggested time.

Ocean Water Temperatures
Kouchibouguac National Park NB    18 - 24C (66 - 72F)
Parlee Beach 19 - 22C (64 - 71F)
Sandy Beach 18 - 21C (64 - 68F)
Cavendish Beach, PEI 18 - 20C (64 - 68F)
Hampton Beach,New Hampshire 16 - 17.5C (61 - 64F)
Old Orchard Beach, Maine 16 - 17C (61 - 63F)

Miramichi Area Festivals...

The Miramichi has three festivals throughout the year; Canada's Irish Festival in mid July, the Folksong Festival and the Miramichi Fiddler's Weekend the first weekend in August.
For more information on the Irish Festival check out their Web site at ""

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